TRRAIN was born after in-depth research was conducted among employees and employers, both, in modern and traditional retail. This study, conducted by an independent body, indicated that a vast majority of people working in the retail sector hardly ever felt a sense of pride or dignity because of their work. Moreover, social inclusion was hard to come by and upskilling or learning new skills was almost inevitably out of question.

To develop a website and market Train, a non-profit organization for disabled individuals, CurateNeo would follow a similar process as outlined below:

  1. Research and understanding: The first step in the process would be to conduct thorough research and understand the needs and goals of Train. This would include researching the organization’s mission, target audience, competitors, and overall brand image.
  2. Website design and development: Based on the research and understanding of Terrain’s needs, CurateNeo would then begin designing and developing a website that effectively showcases the organization’s mission and services. This would involve creating a visually appealing and user-friendly layout, as well as implementing various features such as a donation form and contact information.
  3. Social media marketing: Once the website is developed, CurateNeo would then create a social media marketing strategy to help promote Train on various platforms. This could include creating engaging content, running paid campaigns, and engaging with followers.
  4. Ongoing optimization and analysis: To ensure that the website and social media marketing efforts are effective, CurateNeo would regularly monitor and analyze the results of their efforts. Based on this analysis, they would make any necessary adjustments to optimize the website and marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness.

By following this process, CurateNeo would be able to develop a website and social media presence that effectively promotes Train and helps the organization reach its goals.

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